Pinel Island

Though the sky was stormy and rain had begun to fall we decided to head over to a neighbouring island for the afternoon, hoping the skies had kept flocks of tourists away and we could have the shores to ourselves. Our prayers were answered and we explored Pinel as if it were our own private paradise.



The island is only a 5 minute boat ride from the uppermost point of Saint Martin. So we hitched a ride over to the dock and jumped on the boat over to the secluded island. The beachfront restaurants and sun loungers that meet you conceal the wild terrain which lies just beyond.


A small walk up a winding path and you are met by quite a different scene; gone are the crystal blue seas, frozen margaritas and sunbathers, to be be replaced by an overgrown, uninhabited and rather beautiful new landscape. What surrounds you no longer feels like the calm, sparkling Caribbean but feels instead rather prehistoric, as if you’ve stepped back into a land before time, one you shouldn’t really be in…




We met no one on our wanderings and were left to explore the island undisturbed.




Having clambered to the other side of Pinel we watched the rabid waves crash against the rocks, to our amazement it wasn’t only us watching. We were joined by a family of iguanas!




The sea was rough and free, it came crashing down on the rocks like you wouldn’t believe. We joined the Iguanas for a little while and marvelled at natures power. Sat on the rocks watching the waves with these prehistoric creatures transported us from the Caribbean to another land all together. We went on to find a neighbouring beach with slightly more hospitable waves!





Once we’d done our share of exploring we headed back to the beach for some lunch. Because there’s only two restaurants on the island, it’s not cheap! So if you’re planning a visit I’d advise bringing a picnic!


Just before we were going to catch the boat home we were met by a very exciting sight, it seemed to be lunch time for all the creatures on the island too…






We sat and watched countless Iguanas, a tortoise, some birds and a couple of hermit crabs come and grab what they could for lunchtime. It really was quite the sight, I felt very lucky!

As the sun began to set we sat and waited for the boat to take us back to Saint Martin. Thankful for being able to discover a land so different from the one we’ve been calling home.


Have you ever been to Pinel? Do you have any suggestions on where to visit/what to do in Saint Martin? Please let me know!!


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